Sinking Swamps

Swamps located north west of Mistwatch. The swamps are shallow but difficult to travel through. People traveling through the swamps are at risk of getting stuck in the muck and pulled under like slow moving quicksand.

Located within them is the ruins of the Temple of Dendar, an ancient Yuan-Ti temple to one of their many snake gods Dendar the Destroyer. Long ago the swamps were home to a Yuan-Ti cult that worshiped Dendar.

The swamps are also home to Mardella Worttongue. Her hut is near the center of the swamp above a cave system that she uses as a basement for her treasure horde.

Recently Lizardfolk have made their way to the swamp to loot the Temple of Dendar. They have forced a group of kobolds to do the dirty work for them.

Sinking Swamps

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